Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ye Olde Jimzip.com Update

Not keen to sit twiddling my thumbs and making fimo jungle creatures as I waited for a piece of paper, I started working as a freelance graphic designer before I finished university in 2005.

Needless to say, jobs did not come easy, and to be certain my work was not (at all) great. But one fascinating aspect of ... well brains, is that you tend to learn very quickly at the beginning of any new enterprise, and I did.

The field changed dramatically within those few years. I remember very clearly the first time I attempted to code something, sitting in the unused dining-room of our family home, using dial-up internet on a laptop with a 600x800 screen to find out how to write HTML. The first website I ever coded was a page for an imaginary persona who went by the name Blue Cube. It ended up being a single image floating in the middle of the page, the text was embedded inside said image however, and thus was not really a webpage - but it felt like a small victory.

Back then, tables were in fashion, and CSS was a mere pipe-dream, yet within a couple of years the whole game had completely changed - and of course it continues to change. So too, does my style and skillset. I feel that almost everything I do is completely different to back then. Of course it should though - it's been 10 years, so if something hadn't changed I'd be a little worried! Yet here we are, 2013, and thus I feel it's time once again to update my ever-changing portfolio, bio and online home.

For the sake of nostalgia you'll also find a link to the past version of jimzip.com. Because some things are just too fun to say goodbye to! (Super, nĂ³?) Go check it out, please tell me what you think in the comments, and thanks for looking.

{ Jimzip.com }
Jimzip :D


  1. The new website looks great! Got a cool, fun vibe and very easy to navigate. :)

  2. Yay! It was really fun to build, and it was waay overdue for an update. :) Thanks Luke!

    Jimzip :D